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A Role Playing Game set in a high school for gods, run by FaweFC44.



And God said, let there be light: And there was light."

And Thor Jr. swore, because even though he'd managed to hit the snooze button with unnerving accuracy seven times now, his Dad had thrown open the blasted curtains again. And that very same light was now streaming into his room, to make sure that he couldn't get just five more minutes under the covers.

Thor Jr. Sighed. Looks like it was time for another day at Parthenon High, school of the Gods. Even superpowerful beings had to get up and brush their teeth, too. On time, or they'll miss the bus!


Welcome, students, to Parthenon High, School of the Gods. What? They had to pick up all the know-how somewhere.

This RP, is, as has been said a couple of times now, a High-School based one. Romance, interaction, with a light seasoning of plot to taste - This is largely what you can expect if you sign onto this idea.


High above the clouds, lies a land like no other.A land of the Gods. A land based, primarily, on Earth. Inspired by the creativity of mortals, the town of Longinus is a peaceful place, where, apart from the occasional neighborly disagreement about World Tree roots breaking pipelines or cracking driveways, it is relatively peaceful. Families of deities, existing or of your own creation, inhabit it's peaceful streets. It's almost surprising that bluebirds don't randomly break into song - Though, given the company, it's possible. The local Sol-Mart is always well-stocked with all the supplies these people might need, ranging from food, thunderbolts to Godly Contraceptives. (If Zeus can give birth from his forehead, I figure these'll be needed). Moretti, God of Pizza, Pasta and Fine Wine, owns a local restaurant - Moretti's Pizza, Pasta and Fine Wine - Suitable for quick snacks or sit-down meals. The restaurant seems to cheat a little too, being able to cater for a candle-lit dinner in the same hall as family feasts, without disrupting either.

Truly, the power of Italian food...

The school itself is another matter. Wide, open campus grounds, suitable for the three most popular games of Longinus - Gladiatorial Combat, Chariot Racing and American Football - Contains everything a budding student needs. The Looming Library, run by Allesa, Goddess of Paper and Returning-Books-On-Time, sits at the front desk, inspecting her spotless library through her pince-nez, ready to come down on troublemaking students like one of the massive, polished mahogany shelves she treasures so much. Indeed, the Looming Library is so much bigger on the inside, that students have gotten lost numerous times. There are rumors of a minotaur residing there, but it's kinda lost the thrill for the chase, after some wacky hero beat it by navigating the library with a ball of string, and normally just helps lost students find their way. Truly, the Looming Library is a magical place. Even if Allesa can get vengeful if property is damaged.

The school classrooms are very Spartan. Not in the sense that they're bare, they're literally modeled after the classrooms of Sparta, if Sparta had tables and desks. The combative nature of teh Spartan classroom is a bit lost, however, under various posters and projects that adorn the walls. It's hard to take Spartan spears seriously, when they're holding up a poster about "Our Friend, The Whale" (Which got a B+). Lockers are big, big enough to stuff another Godling in, or comfortably sit stone writing materials (Though, these were confiscated after some plucky god snuck two tablets to Earth). Currently, paper and pens are used. Calculators still haven't caught on, abacus being the popular medium for arithmetic. Classes are separated by gender, due to some rowdy antics of Diyonisis Jr. and Cthulhu Jr. The less said about that event, the better. Basic subjects, such as Math, Geography Over The Years, Written English are all mandatory, along with Deity 101, the most important class. It's taken by none other than Hercules, partly because he had to learn how to master his almighty power, but mostly because he's indestructible.

Story Thus Far


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